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Taking lessons as an adult has been a great experience. Story is always positive and encouraging. She allows me to work at my own speed. I would recommend her for any adult interested in starting piano or moving on from Royal Conservatory-type playing. I love her!

Donna Nikkel, student


Wow, who knew in 2 short years my son would pick up guitar so well. Even if lessons are just for your personal enjoyment I highly recommend Story.

She is a very inspiring teacher. Thank you!

Vicky Dawes, parent


I find the recitals very inspiring. The children are great, but it is the joy the adults beam with when they finish their pieces. Students like Miriam make me want to try harder myself.

Shawn McCreight, parent & student


I certainly agree with my daughter’s comments about her guitar teacher, Story. Story is indeed a very positive and skilled music educator. We felt so lucky to have “found” Story. Her joyful and professional manner was always appreciated. I would not hesitate to recommend her to others.

Coleen Lycan, parent


Story is always so positive and encouraging. She always inspires me to stretch my abilities and grow. Thank you Story.

Pat McLean, student

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Story doesn’t just teach children great musical technique, but she inspires them to really enjoy learning. I never have to talk them into going to lessons; they love going.

Roxann Morpak, parent


We are only on lesson #2, but we are so pleased with Story. She is amazing with kids and is such a great teacher. Our daughter loved her from day 1 and has found a real love of music thanks to Story. We look forward to a long lasting relationship with her.

Karen Ayou, parent


Story is a huge inspiration. She has helped me discover my passion for music and has been the best teacher I have ever had. She has been patient and has taught me everything I know about music, as well as giving every student a chance to perform in front of people.

Lillian Morpak, student


I have taken guitar lessons from Story for about 2-1/2 years. I think she is a wonderful teacher and person. She is always very kind and enthusiastic towards me and my learning. Story doesn’t just teach an instrument, she teaches music. She always tries to accommodate my taste in music and my likes and dislikes. I highly recommend Story to anyone eager to learn music.

Claire Thomas, student


Story has always had a positive attitude and has helped me get more confidence in music.

Danika Morpak, student

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