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Natural Growth caters to a variety of musicians, offering personal lessons on a wide range of instruments.

Piano Lessons

The notes I handle no better than many pianists. But the pauses between the notes, ah, that is where the art resides.” Artur Schnabel

The piano is a relaxing and fun instrument for every student to both develop and hone their musical skill. A great choice for musical newcomers, playing the piano increases self-esteem and discipline by showing students how to set up their own practice schedule and develop proper study methods.

Theory, technique, improvisation and performance are all aspects that will be covered in private lessons. Piano lessons will teach you to read music, to write your own songs, and to jam with your friends.

Learning to play the piano provides beneficial stimulation to keep your brain alert and sharp.

Piano students will benefit from improved eye-hand coordination, experience increased intellect and relief from anxiety, and it even can alleviate depression.

Whether you want to learn from a popular repertoire, or follow the Royal Conservatory method, Natural Growth will help you to attain your goals.

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Guitar Lessons

My guitar is not a thing. It is an extension of myself. It is who I am.” Joan Jett

Learn about chord progressions, soloing, and song writing, while you play a wide variety of musical styles including rock, jazz, blues, pop, finger style, and classical.

Guitar lessons will provide you with an interesting and diverse perspective on how music works, and lessons at Natural Growth are always built around your own music preferences. You will improve your motor skills, discipline and self-esteem, as you progress in your musical endeavours.

A wonderfully portable instrument for all ages and skill levels, Natural Growth is confident that you will be able to play around a campfire after only a couple of lessons.

Whether you’re playing in front of an audience for a performance, or just jamming with friends, the guitar is a great way to have fun – sign up for guitar lessons with Natural Growth today!

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Brass Lessons

It’s taken me all my life to learn what not to play.” Dizzy Gillespie

Natural Growth welcomes all band members participating in the world of trumpets, trombones, and tubas!

Every concert band needs a solid and confident brass section in order to truly shine. During lessons, you will learn to read notes and band charts, be taught proper warm-up techniques, develop technical drills, and most importantly: learn to create a crisp, clear and beautifully rich brass sound.

We want to help make sure you have the most rewarding Concert Band experience possible. Gain confidence by improving your chord progressions and improvising skills, and learn to fine-tune your sound to blend with your band mates.

Bring on the Brass!

If it’s your first time in a high-school band class, you’re recently retired and want to pick up a new hobby, or it’s all for fun, Natural Growth will work with you to pick up those notes in no time.

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Woodwind Lessons

Music is your own experience, your own thoughts, your wisdom. If you don’t live it, it won’t come out of your horn.” Charlie Parker

Natural Growth provides woodwind students with important sight-reading skills, dynamic control and confidence in being a soloist. We will teach you how to develop your technical skill-set and create a beautiful tone.

From beginner to advanced student, our lessons teach you how to properly hold your instrument, use correct fingering and breathing techniques, and help improve your articulation.

Clarinets, flutes, and saxophones carry the melodious tones of any Concert Band; with lessons from Natural Growth, your melodies will rise above the rest. Stand out from your peers and enjoy carrying the tune.

Woodwind instruments are for students who want to take the lead and stand out above the rest – be on top of your game with lessons from Natural Growth.

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Bass Lessons

Bass is a strong instrument; you can't allow yourself to play it weakly, with no authority. You’ve got to play with an attitude, because everybody’s listening.” Chuck Rainey

Bass players are the rhythmic drive and power behind every band (but don’t go telling them that)!

With private lessons, you will learn everything from basic tuning methods and sight-reading skills, along with proper left- and right-hand technique.

Our bass lessons cover different playing techniques, how to jam with other musicians and, of course, how to rock out all of your favourite tunes.

Whether you want to start from the beginning, get your groove back, or expand to create new riffs, Natural Growth will bring out the best bass player in everyone.

Bass players need to emphasize their strong rhythmic abilities – let Natural Growth help you to discover and develop your groove.

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