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Please note: Music recitals are currently on hold due.

Natural Growth hosts annual Summer and Winter music recitals. Students, along with friends and family, participate in this musical event that grows every year.

Upcoming Recital

Normally our Summer Recitals are held in May/June, and Winter Recitals in December.

However, due to the COVID-19 panemic, recitals are currently cancelled until further notice.

Recital Details

Date: TBD
Doors Open: 2:15 pm
Opening Act: 2:30 pm
Recital Begins: 3:00 pm

Recital Location

Departure Bay Activity Centre
1415 Wingrove Street
Nanaimo, BC

Map to the Recital

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Recital Q&A

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Recital FAQs

Our Last Recital

Note: The Summer 2020 and Winter 2020 music recitals have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Winter 2019
“Take a Bow”

Thank you to all of our students, sponsors, and volunteers that worked so hard to make our 2019 Winter Recital such a success!

Our Last Recital: Winter 2019

See you again in 2021!


I find the recitals very inspiring. The children are great, but it is the joy the adults beam with when they finish their pieces.

Shawn McCreight, parent & student

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Below is a sampling of the programs that were designed for previous Natural Growth Music Recitals.

program design by Richard the Brave

Summer Recital Programs

Summer 2020 Cancelled

Summer Recital 2020

Summer 2019 Playing in the Sun

Summer Recital 2019

Summer 2018 The Season Finale

Summer Recital 2018

Summer 2017 Piece By Piece

Summer Recital 2017

Summer 2016 Summer Songbirds

Summer Recital 2016

Summer 2015 Walking the Walk

Summer Recital 2015

Summer 2014 Putting the Pieces Together

Summer Recital 2014

Summer 2013 Songs by the Sea

Summer Recital 2013

Summer 2012 For Those About To Rock

Summer Recital 2012

Summer 2011 Here Comes the Sun

Summer Recital 2011

Summer 2010 KinFest Jamboree

Summer Recital 2010

Summer 2009 Down by the Bay

Summer Recital 2009

Summer 2008 Live at the Hut

Summer Recital 2008

Summer 2007 Spring Recital

Summer Recital 2007

Summer 2006 Father’s Day

Summer Recital 2006

Winter Recital Programs

Winter 2020 Cancelled

Winter Recital 2020

Winter 2019 Take a Bow

Winter Recital 2019

Winter 2018 Sparkle & Shine

Winter Recital 2018

Winter 2017 Light Up the Stage

Winter Recital 2017

Winter 2016 Sweet & Twisted

Winter Recital 2016

Winter 2015 Sparks of Light

Winter Recital 2015

Winter 2014 In Celebration of Shining Stars

Winter Recital 2014

Winter 2013 The Sound of Snowflakes

Winter Recital 2013

Winter 2012 Winter Wondermusic

Winter Recital 2012

Winter 2011 Together in Song

Winter Recital 2011

Winter 2010 Radiant Stars

Winter Recital 2010

Winter 2009 Yuletide Gathering

Winter Recital 2009

Winter 2008 Winter Revue

Winter Recital 2008

Winter 2007 Seasonal Notes

Winter Recital 2007

Winter 2006 Winter Recital

Winter Recital 2006
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