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Facility FAQs

Where do the music lessons take place?

Lessons take place in our private studio at 2352 York Crescent, located conveniently in central Nanaimo, next door to a playground and park. Here’s a map.

Where can I park during lessons?

Parking spaces are available on the roadside, next to our sign.

We ask that you do not park in the driveway, in order to keep the path to the music studio clear of car traffic for all arriving or departing students (picking-up and dropping-off in the driveway is fine!).

Will Natural Growth teach out of my home?

No. Lessons take place in our spacious music studio, near Diver Lake in Nanaimo BC.


Instrument FAQs

What instruments does Natural Growth teach?

Lessons are available on piano, guitar, beginner brass & woodwinds, and bass guitar.

If you’re looking for lessons on an instrument we didn’t list, please contact us anyway, and we’ll help guide you in the right direction.

What instruments are NOT taught?

Almost any instrument will be considered – as long as you are passionate and willing to learn.

Get in touch and we’ll discuss it!

What instrument is best for a beginner?

Depending on your hand size and strength, the piano is usually a good place to start. Guitar is great, but can be hard on the fingertips!

More importantly though, the best instrument to start with is the one you’re most passionate about learning. If you want to play it, we can teach it!

Do you offer voice lessons?

Not really.

Voice lessons are taught in our studio, but our teachers are not professional voice instructors (this fact is expressed to all parents and students before lessons begin).


Student FAQs

How long are the lessons?

30, 45 and 60 minute lessons are available (although there is no official limit to lesson length.

How frequently should I take lessons?

The best way to attain your goals is with a consistent, once-per-week lesson routine.

How often do I need to practice?

A minimum of five practice sessions, per week, is required to make the most out of your lessons.

The duration of each session is dependent on your skill level.

Does Natural Growth provide group lessons?

We prefer to give 1-on-1 music lessons, but we can cater to small groups (of adults only, please), if requested.

Can Natural Growth teach any age of student?


There are no age restrictions to learning music, as long as the student can focus on assignments and take responsibility for their practice routine.

How young is “too young” for a music student?

Students as young as three have participated in music lessons, but it is very dependent on the child’s level of discipline and focus.

How old is “too old” to start taking music lessons?

There’s no such thing as “too old” for music lessons.

We have never had a student that was too old to start – we have taught many students older than seventy to read notes for the first time!


Parent FAQs

How can I help my child with their music lessons if I have never taken them myself?

Every student has their own notebook which will have their lesson plan and description of their exercises for you to read. If you have any questions or need help to understand it, we can walk you through it.

May I stay in the music room during my child’s lesson?

Yes and no – we prefer that parents drop students off.

However, parents are welcome to occasionally sit in and listen, so long as they do not disrupt the lesson.


Recital FAQs

Do I have to play in the recital?

It is not mandatory to participate in the recitals, but it is highly recommended – we’ve never had a student regret participating!

If you choose not to play, we still invite you to attend a recital and see the other students perform (and to enjoy all of the food!).

Can anyone attend a recital?

Yes. The recitals are open to anyone interested in listening to local musicians. The bigger the crowd the better!

How many recitals are there in a single year?

Two. Every year we organize a Summer Recital in June, and a Winter Recital in December.


Have a

If there’s a question we haven’t answered, please contact us – we’ll do our best to help you out.


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